How To Build a Gazebo The RIGHT Way

Should You Really Build a Gazebo from Scratch?

It is a great thrill to build something with your own hands, more so when you build a gazebo. That is why any serious woodworker will find the thrill of building a gazebo highly enjoyable.

Before you set forth on this wonderful journey let us quickly go through a few essential tips which will be useful along the way.

Free Gazebo Plans

You can’t build a gazebo without a plan

To begin  with choose a gazebo plan which matches you specific needs. No two people are exactly identical,  same goes for backyards and gardens too.  Choose the right size based on how much effort you are ready to give and how much space you have.

There are tons of “free gazebo plans” available online, but to really build the gazebo you have in mind you need to drill down and find the right one for you.

The more complex the gazebo you want to construct the costlier it will get. If you are just starting out it is highly recommended that you invest a few dollars to buy a simple  gazebo project plan and blueprint so that you do not waste to much efforts and money in building doing trial and error.

Get the right tools for building a gazebo

As every good woodworker know you need the right tools to build a gazebo the right way. Some of the tools you will need include

  • Level
  • A chop saw
  • Stakes
  • Screw gun
  • Cutting Angles
  • Cables

Pay special attention while doing the cutting for the angles to ensure that the measure measurements are accurate. This will make sure that the final gazebo after building will appear just as it shows in the plan.

Choosing the right wood to build your gazebo.

Selecting the proper wood to build a gazebo will make sure that you build to last. The right wood will help you gazebo stand for years even decades with timeless beauty. Cedar is a good choice for most builders due to its rot resistance and weather resistance. Pine also is a good candidate and redwood is another durable but expensive alternative.

Build a foundation of solid concrete and they lay down the wooden decking on top of it to construct a strong floor for your gazebo.

Make sure you contact your local building department for the proper permits and to find out how deep the foundation must be dug or how high the gazebo can be constructed while abiding the legal requirements for construction in your region.

So what are you waiting for. Go right ahead and build a gazebo.  Its your time to shine!

Free Gazebo Plans

Learn more about building gazebos with these free square gazebo plans and square gazebo blueprints

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