Wooden Gazebo Plans – 3 Essential Factors You MUST Consider before you start building your Gazebo

Are you thinking of building a gazebo using wooden gazebo plans? A gazebo can be a great addition to any garden, backyard or patio. It is an amazing place for relaxation. However, like any good woodworking project it will take good planning and accurate gazebo blueprints to successfully build a beautiful gazebo.

Free wooden Gazebo Plans

But before you even start planning the construction of your gazebo here are few key points you must keep in mind.

3 Important Tips for using wooden gazebo plans

1. Reason for Building

How are you going to use your gazebo? Is it just going to be your private hangout, a place where you go to get away from everything? Is it going to be a family getaway location where you hold outdoor parties? You should choose the size design and layout of your gazebo based on the answer to these questions. Obviously, the more people likely to be in the gazebo at the same time, the bigger you will have to build it. Also think ahead about the furniture to be used inside. Like chairs and tables.

2. Location is Everything

The only thing worse than building a hopeless looking gazebo is building a great one only to find out that you built it at the wrong place! To stop that from ever happening, take care to keep the following things in mind while choosing the location for your gazebo.

  • Make sure the ground is level: Go out on to the piece of land you have identified for constructing your gazebo with a level and find out how level it really is. Gazebos are heavy structures so even a small amount of tilt can wreck havoc and bring the whole structure down as the wood weathers.If the tilt is too much think about removing some dirt and creating a level concrete base before you start building the deck.
  • Sunlight and Shade: When are you most likely going to be in your gazebo, summer or winter? In both cases you need to keep the direction of light falling on your gazebo in mind while building it. You don’t want to be sweating inside your gazebo on a hot summer day do you? Find a location which will give you the best amount of shade at the right time of day when you will be inside your gazebo before you start searching for wooden gazebo plans.
  • Distance from Home: Research shows that the farther the gazebo is from your home it less likely that you are going to spend time in it. So make sure your gazebo isn’t a long haul from home. But at the same time keep enough space so that it feels like a separate place from your home.
  • Blend In: If your gazebo sticks out like a sore thumb on your landscape you might as well not build it. Make sure you choose a location which allows the gazebo to blend in with the background and make your property more beautiful.
  • Take advantage of the view: If your garden has a beautiful view from a particular angle, try to build your gazebo facing in the right direction to take advantage of this vantage.

3. Efforts for building

Even a simple roof and pillar gazebo can be quite challenging and laborious to build. It will need a good deal of your time, efforts and money. A wooden gazebo is the simplest to build so if you don’t want to spend too much efforts building your gazebo, it is better to build a wooden one using some wooden gazebo plans.

Free wooden Gazebo Plans

Now that you know the essential factors involved in planning your gazebo let us take a look at some free gazebo plans

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